Latest GeoIPCity.dat only displaying Long/Lat/Country

I have all modules available to be used in the Geolocation tab in Administration. All of which are only showing Long/Lat/Country

Running PHP 5.3.3 & Apache 2.2.15 (Unix) Piwik 2.15.0

Has MaxMind changed their legacy database structure to be in line with their new GeoLocation Version 2 ?

I have even updated to latest mod_geoip.c GitHub - maxmind/geoip-api-mod_geoip2: GeoIP Legacy module for Apache 2 with no changes in location with HTTP Module. Also, PECL and PHP modules still show no improvement with GeoIPCity.dat located in /misc directory.

I checked respective logs to make sure things are being loaded correctly.

Any others with same issue?