'last 30 days' lastVisitsGraph

Dear All,

I have searched the whole site, FAQ, email list, but I have not found the answer of my question:

When we are inserting the embed “last visit chart” to the webpage the code looks like this:

This is great, but next day I should change the day ( … &date=2009-05-03…) to be sure the chart will show the last 30 days.
Is there any trick, or custom code to get the last 30 days showed data automatically ?

Thank you in advance!

Are you saying date=last30 doesn’t work?

Sorry if I was not clear.

The widget is working, but if I’m adding the generated embed code:

… the last day will be 2009-05-03, and the first is 2009-04-03. Today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, so not the “last30” from the visit’s day when I’m opening the page (on the front) where we have this embed code. Period is “2009-04-03 - 2009-05-03” every time.

The code was generated by \widget\visitsSummary\Last visits graph.

Thanks for your time!

you can use date=today or yesterday