Large Site with Piwik 1.0


i want to track a large site. (800 million pageviews)
Have anyone tried this?
Which system and what kind of settings are necessary ?

A lot of problems of piwik on large sites are posted for old versions. I think most problems are solved in the current version.
But i need some informations for the current version.

Thank you for your help.

I think the biggest piwik user I know about was tracking 200millions pages per month. He had a special setup with 2 servers I believe. We are hoping to release technical how to/white papers to explain how such setup work in order to scale Piwik better than with the default settings. Please stay tuned on the blog in the next few months.

Don’t know how many page views/visits they have but is using Piwik and is quite popular.

I suggest you try Piwik for a day on a seperate server instance and monitor performance. Would be nice to get some data from a big setup like this.

See High traffic Piwik FAQ