Large number of websites and hosting

Hello team

We are looking to use Piwik for site analytics. Please could you let me know if you recommend Piwik considering the following:

  1. We have 600 websites - these are corporate websites for companies across the globe hosted on our CMS - this number will obviously grow to 1000 in next 12 months
  2. We currently get approx 10 million page views a month across all of the websites - again, page views will increase as we build and manage more websites
  3. Does Piwik have the capability to tracking social media analytics - such as clicks on Facebook “Like” “Share” buttons which are integrated on web pages

Considering the above, what type/configuration of hosting you would recommend. Also, if you have a recommended hosting provider. The important thing to note here is that we would like to have full control over the mySQL database to be able to run custom queries and procedures to custom reporting over data.

Please let me know.


Vineet Gandhi
Head of Product Management
Investis Ltd.

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