Lack of support

I find that there has been a decline in support via this forum lately. There’s a big difference between how it was, i.e., a year or two ago and today. I remember Matt who was replying to all of the queries, and I can only imagine what it takes to keep it going based on one person only.
No blame nor rant, but many questions sit with no credible answer which creates a lack of desire to use Piwik.
My guess is that it’s up to the community to get involved more in order to keep it going well. This is the only free well known competitor to Google Analytics.


Hi there,

Thanks for feedback. These days when doing forum support I try to focus on bugs only to make sure we know about all bugs. Often I try to link to FAQs answers when they are available. Sometimes I skip the question altogether since my time is limited. We are trying to improve this situation (by training a new team member to do forum support) but maybe there are other ideas as well that would work well (such as involving the community more in helping each other)

Keep the feedback coming cheers