Keywords shown 0î¹îºî¿î½î¿î¼î¹î± after upgrade

The problem is with the keywords that are shown like this

î±_€î±î»î»î±î³î· î±_€î¿ _„î¿ _‡î±__î±_„_ƒî¹ _„î·_‚ î´îµî·

Λέξεις-κλειδιά: “î±_€î±î»î»î±î³î· î±_€î¿ _„î¿ _‡î±__î±_„_ƒî¹ _„î·_‚ î´îµî·” #2

after upgrade from 1.5(last version) to 1.6

Any idea of what I could do to solve this ?

Thanks and congrats for the software.

If it is about non-latin characters, this post on the German section might help you too:,81951,page=1#msg-81952


Thank you, It’s working for me.

Thanks again