Keywords are not defined

How do i activate so i can see the keywords in your Cloud service.

All i find is a plugin. Do i have to rung Matomo on my own server for this?


If you use Matomo cloud, then the Search Engine Keywords Performance is included and you just need to set it up to import the data:

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Just a quick question from a guy with an inpatient customer: How long will it take for “keyword not defined” until they can see all search words?

Congratulations! You’re all set and your Google keywords will be imported in the new Matomo Search Keywords report. But what do i need to do now. Just wait or what?


After a few hours Matomo should have imported your data from the search console and you should be able to see the reports in the search engine section.

Keep in mind that this does not change the regular reports or visitor log as there is no technical way to know the search keyword of a specific user as it is simply no longer sent by any major search engine.

clicking on Did you know? gives me this:

I have clicked and approved Google Search Console like 15 times and clicking on Setup configuration i have to log in to Google and they say i have allredy approved befor and i get this:

Clicking Start OAuth process gives me this:

As i can see the Adwords are okay but i can find anything about Search and clicking Start OAUth rpoces redirects me back to Google and i have to approf AGAIN then i came vack to this site

What am i doing wrong.

I trust you guys and i will gladly pay you for your assistance. Maybe via TeamViewer or i can even consider letting one of you in directly to my Matomo and Google account.

I really need this to start working, my customer is far from happy right now.


I have forwarded this issue to the premium plugin team as they can help you far better than I can.

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Thank you so much @Lukas

How do i activate so i can see the keywords in your Cloud service.

If you are on the cloud service please contact us directly at with your subdomain. We will investigate further from there.


we also have a strange behavior with “Keyword not defined”.
In the real time data and in the visitor log it always shows “Keyword not defined”.
However, I can see keywords under Acquisition -> Search Engine and Keywords.
We have installed the plugin since Friday. The latest import was this morning.
Is this the same error or are we just doing something wrong?

Hi @LukasFiniarel,

There is no technical way to know which search keyword a specific user is using as no major search engine is sending this data anymore.
The Plugin is importing the data Google aggregates in the Search Console and displays it in the nice report you saw.

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