Keyword URLs refer to wrong country!

Installed Piwik today on one of my websites. I have a CO.UK website. With traffic mainly coming from google UK and yahoo UK and some other European countries the keyword URLs show with .com extension like…

I’m surprised that I couldn’t find back something about this issue (unless I searched in the wrong place) which imo is an important issue especially for non-USA users.

Is this something that will be fixed in a future release? is there a temporary workaround? Should I register this as a feature request?

I think it is a good feature request, the search engine detection was recently rewritten and it might be possible to have an option to see by local search engines, or global

In the meantime to make this work and referring to… General - Analytics Platform - Matomo

could I add for example in SearchEngines.php following lines’ => array(‘’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),’ => array(‘’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),’ => array(‘’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),’ => array(‘’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),

Would this work or is more involved to make it work?