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@jonindie the keywords from Adwords are still visible



My questions: Keyword not defined from Yandex and detection keywords from google over https?

Many keywords from Yandex search not detected (some keywords detected correctly), but big percentage of all keywords from yandex not detected. Why?
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Question about of google keywords and https:
If I by ssl-cert and setting to my site - a see in piwik keywords from google?


Allow me to say that you shouldn’t invest in something financially as a response to what a company pretends to support.


I understand…

Your answer for my comment or other topic?


It was a response to your question about getting a cert. In my opinion, you may discover after some time that Google has changed position once again. If your site needs a cert, it shouldn’t be an issue related to keywords’ analysis, but to a specific security need.

The keywords are not provided, so that people feel pushed to pay for ads, in a hope that they will be able to access the keywords. The Piwik team can’t do anything about this whole issue, they have no control on how Google or any other company operates.

By the way, I don’t think it is possible to talk with Google Analytics support team like we do here with Matt, who is very responsive.


Thanks. I stupid.

Yandex start politics of closed keywords for your statistic on the your site. Keywords in referer from yandex search now not to be viewed. Yandex encrypt keywords and allow access to keywords report only in Yandex.Metrika. It’s no good.


Hello guys.

I see strange substance:

Keywords from google search are defined from adnroid users
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Keywords defined from google search if user use android phone and not use Chrome browser (if use chrome browser from android - keywords from google search are not defined). Keywords detect perfectly from “Android browser” (What it?), and from “Opera mini browser”.

It a little percentage from all traffic. But interested, why?

Yandex search move to monopoly keywords statistic. On the one week - from yandex - 715 users. Keywords not defined 475 (66%). In article from yandex blog: Yandex says of 2% encrypt of all keywords (really ~70%)
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Yandex says of 2% encrypt of all keywords (really ~70%)

Other articles this year spoke of 100% of keywords being presented as “not provided” by Yandex. For example:


Question for Piwik team: Do you planning integrate piwik with Yandex.Metrika API (for getting search keywords from yandex) and synchronize data with local piwik storage?


Hi All

I may be coming to this a bit late in the day, but this ‘keyword undefined’ is surely not such a big issue.

If Piwik can identify which page these people landed on, as a result of the ‘page undefined’ search term, then surely that should meet the definition of the search term used, provided of course that your pages don’t all target 50 keywords at a time :slight_smile: and of course, that Piwik can identify which page they landed on. Simply pull the meta data[keywords] for the landing page and that should provide sufficient data to replace the ‘searched-for’ keyword.

I’ll leave that open for further discussion.

Kind regards


EDIT I added the ‘pull the meta-data…’ after my initial post/



Five months later and this is an even later reply to this thread!

But would like to add that isnedd’s last post is the solution I have used
for SEO reasons for a long time. But it fixes this issue nicely, as a side effect.

I’ve taken this to the extreme. For example if you ensure that for every keyword phrase you want to be found for
you have a unique page for, then that will work. For example I use code that picks up a single page and produces
multiple pages from it using a keyword phrases list. The trick to that is to make sure that you also include content relevant
to each phrase (eg keep pages as unique as you can) and that all pages have links into them. (Those links can all be
moved to the sitemap page.) They all seem to do well with SEO as well. Which is reason I did it.

Although its more work, it gives you a way to side step this issue as your pages will have names like
pagename_keywordphrase.html The most important part is to make sure you have enough unique content for each of the pages
and that the conent is relevant to the keyword phrase. If its not relevant and the pages are too similar, Google’s bots may mark pages as spam.

You end up with a very content rich site with many tens of pages. Hardest bit is content. But I do five pages a week. Soon builds up.

Then when you look at any stats all your interested in is how many times your page was viewed. As the name of the page is the same name of the phrase that was likley used to get to it.


Today, for the first time in months if not years, I’ve seen keyword terms from a web user who used Google. This website is not on HTTPS, but on plain HTTP. Would it be that Google is pulling back on this?


Not work for me :frowning:

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I am having the same issue, my website address is

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What about connecting Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) with PIWIK?

It looks like Search Console has an API … and it looks like there is one method defined for search analytics data: webmasters.searchanalytics.query

@matthieu: You ever consider this or have an existing plugin that does this?

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please leave a comment in our related issue, so you will be notified when we make progress on this: Import Google keywords from Webmaster tools in Piwik? · Issue #4185 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

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This problem is solved in the Wordpress plugin “WP Statistics”.

I’m running it alongside Piwik and WPS gives me the visitors search string from Google where Piwik says “Keyword not defined” on same user, IP, and time stamp.

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Good news: you can now use our new Search Engine Keywords Performance plugin which lets you import your Google, Bing and Yahoo keywords into your Piwik. Learn more about the reports provided and how to import keywords on the plugin page and in the Search Keywords Monitor User Guide.

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Thanks for sharing this info.