Just Tag-Manager on premise?

When viewing the Matomo Tag Manager documentation page, it mentions being able to host the tag manager on premise; however all “on-premise” links refer to the general “Matomo on premise” page, which has several mentions of Matomo Analytics and no references to Matomo Tag Manager.

My questions:

  • If I follow the “Matomo on Premise” installation steps, does this include Matomo Tag Manager?
  • Can Matomo Tag Manager be installed on premise without Matomo Analytics?
  • If (for the time being) we intended not to use the ‘analytics’ portion, (how) does that impact the hardware requirements?

I hope this is an appropriate place for such questions, if it is not I would appreciate helping hand in the right direction.

Hello @wimbarelds

→ Yes

→ No, you even need to define a site that Matomo should track. But don’t worry, you can set up any king of dummy site, it won’t affect MTM

→ You can use small server, but MySQL is still needed, as the MTM configuration (and other configurations) are stored in this database.

→ Yes it is definitively the best place for such questions :slight_smile:

Thanks Philippe,

I figured MySQL would still be required; I was mostly looking at CPU’s, RAM, etc; as I suspect that not using analytics would drastically reduce strain on the server. But it is difficult to assess to what proportion of resources the analytics events and batch-processing those events consume versus loading the tagmanager script / hosting the ‘tag manager control panel’.

With regards to using tag manager without analytics, can Matomo Tag Manager be loaded on the intended website without also loading the Matomo analytics ‘tag’?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean…

About the MTM, you don’t need much power, but if the container contains many variables/tags/triggers, it can take long time to compile, then you need to allow a long timeout.

@wimbarelds MTM Pageview tag does not have to be related to the website itself. For sure you would have to create a measurable (website) in Matomo Analytics, so that you can create a container. But you can create a pageview tag to any other third party solution. Which means that you install the Matomo Tag on your website, but have the pageview (and other tracking) being handled by Google Analytics for instance.

To do so: in MTM just create a Custom HTML tag that contains the third party snippet code, and use ‘pageview’ as the trigger. Hope this helps.

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@wimbarelds And to make things clear, MTM is a module of Matomo Analytics that is 100% part of it. This is not a distinctive tool. If you want to use MTM, you must install Matomo Analytics, though you don’t have to use the Analytics part if you don’t want/need to.

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