Just instaled Piwik 1.4, getting SQLstate error 42S01


I"m a new Piwik user and have yesterday installed stats for a web site on my server. Piwik successfully shows me “Visitors in real time”, but several of the other views show an error:

SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table ‘piwik_xxarchive_numeric_2011_05’ already exists.

This particular error shows in Last Visits graph, List of Keywords, and Visits by server time.

For Visitor Countries, Lists of External Websites, Visitor Websites, and Best Search Engines, I get “No data to report”.

Any thoughts on this or resources I could look for answers?


What’s your sql_mode and privileges for the db user?

SQL mode is set in my.ini as:


db user is “root” and has all privileges except for “securityadmin” and “dbdesigner”

I hope I answered correctly

Thank you

It sounds that maybe your user doesn’t have SHOW privilege, as it seems it doesn’t see the table and therefore tries to create it?

Perhaps you’re right, and maybe this is more about server administration than Piwik administration. Do I need to create a user other than “root” within MySQL? Root has SHOW privileges already…

Also, I should note that the platform i’m working with is Windows Server 2008 RC2 & IIS 7.5