JSON-LD for Structured Data via preconfigurated Tag - planned?

A question for the Matomo Tag Manager team about additional Tags being planned / are already in the making:

I was informed by a contact that the Google Tag Manager team is in the making of adding a preconfigurated tag to GTM that would allow to injected JSON-LD for Structured Data directly from GTM to a website.

That would make implementing and maintaining Structured Data very easy, as in case of a future change in Structured Data requirements, by using this GTM tag it will be adjusted automatically by GTM updating that preconfigurated tag.

Are there any plans regarding adding preconfigurated tags like that to Matomo Tag Manager as well? A customer of ours is thinking about adding a Google Tag Manager only for using this feature, while we would prefer to stay with Matomo Tag Manager only, if we can add the same by it.

Thanks for your answers!

I’m not aware of any planning in this direction. Could you please enter your requirement here? https://github.com/matomo-org/tag-manager

Please be as specific as possible and describe the feature for your/a use case.