Joomla 's .htaccess V3.1 blocks Piwik

Hi everybody,

my site was hacked recently. This made me realize, I had to beef up security.
Among other things I copied the new enhanced .htaccess - file ‘Htacces für Joomla! 3.x’
(Version: 3v1 BETA (2015-06-01) from the Joomla - Security Page found at

The htaccess - file not only blocks offenders, but also Piwik from reading/accessing
’piwik.php’ and/or ‘piwik.js’.

Since my understanding of the syntax used in htaccess-files is very limited,
I need some help finding the instructions that block piwik and building an
exception rule, that allows Piwik to read/execute it’s own scripts.


Tokens: Piwik Joomla htaccess piwik.php exception


Here is an example of an adapted file to be used with Piwik only (i.e., without Joomla on the same domain): Using .htaccess to restrict access. You would need, in your Joomla htaccess file, to allow what that Piwik htaccess file allows for Piwik.

A tip on how to proceed: Using .htaccess to restrict access.

Good luck!