Joomla login parameters?

Has anyone figured out how to allow a user to login from their joomla account (or from any other 3rd party place for that matter) and have those login variables sent over to their own piwik installation?

Both user names and paswords are the same for each instance…

How would this be done?

Please search FAQ: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I have spent hours searching the FAQ, reading the Developer section, Forums, other websites and blogs…

Clearly there is something I do not understand here that is easy… can you tell me where in the FAQ that my golden ticket is?

If anyone can chime in here with this next thought it would help…

Does my answer lay more in setting up in the Token_auth for each user in advance?

You will have to write some code to auto login your joomla users into piwik, the FAQ I link to explains how to auto login your users if you have their piwik login and passwords

I must be really dense, Now I see this:


however how do I make it so that when a user signs into their joomla “administrator” somehow this string sends along their credentials into the piwik login?

I have tried the iframe token_auth= maneuver but i can only get the widgets running, not the entire iframe’d piwik report for that domain.

Id really like to get the users over to the login page in the even that they have multiple sites they are tracking.

IF you do not have time to asnwer me how to add the joomla code with piwik then could you please send me to a place online so I can learn the steps to make this happen?

Thank you for your time!