Jetpack Stats - All-time Insights in Matomo

I love Matomo’s Dashboard but recently when I found “Jetpack Stats - All-time Insights” I thought this must be brought into the Matomo too.

We must have this on the page: Visitors> Overview page.
Currently, we should hover over the chart to find details like “visits”. Also, to get month-wise or year-wise stats we have to change “Period” from the date-range option.

Bringing Jetpack Stats’ All-time Insights - - - into Matomo can make things a lot easier and cool to look at and have a grasp of the entire website in a quick time.

Here is a screenshot from the Jetpack Stats’ All-time Insights of a website to refer.

Thanks for Matomo the Google Analytics Killer! :grinning:

Link to the product page:

Hi @unreal_nfs
I think you can also create a feature suggestion in the Matomo GitHub repo:

Then add a link to this current post :wink:

Created a thread @github

I hope this feature becomes a reality inside the Matomo.

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