Javascript TypeErrors in browser console for Matomo 3.8.1

(Alex) #1

I have noticed that when I go “Email Reports”, the browser console fills with errors

On Chrome -

    at ManageScheduledReportController.getFrequencyPeriodPlural (index.php?module=Proxy&action=getCoreJs&cb=d2c98ba5dc56d1cc69a8624aa4f7b7b2:3546)
TypeError: Cannot read property 'period' of undefined
    at ManageScheduledReportController.getFrequencyPeriodSingle (index.php?module=Proxy&action=getCoreJs&cb=d2c98ba5dc56d1cc69a8624aa4f7b7b2:3545)

On FireFox -
TypeError: is undefined

These errors repeat roughly 100 times in console. I was using 3.6 previously and these errors weren’t there.