Javascript tracker vs http api

(Kaustubh Umalkar) #1


I am new to matomo and planning to try it out.

We have implemented web tracking using snowplough JS, and we get our real time analytics data in aws kinesis.

We dont have the option of adding one more javascript tracking framework on our site.

So what I was thinking is, to get data from kinesis and use matomo http api to send web analytics data to matomo.
My question is with respect to the capabilities of js vs http tracker of matomo, are they identical?
Or will I loose any capability if I dont use JS matomo tracker?


(Fabian Dellwing) #2

You are able to track everything that the JS tracker tracks with the API, but you will need to write some custom code to do so. Server side tracking has no direct access to some JS features like screen resolution, browser plugins and advanced fingerprinting.