Javascript Tracker (On-Premise)

So i have installed matomo analytics, and have inserted the tracker code into the websites in which i’ll be tracking, but nothing is being recorded.
Ive checked the logs…nothing
ive checked the database…nothing

is there something wrong with the tracker or maybe theres a better way on going about this.
any help is appreciated

Where do you check if there is some records?

Which log are you writing about? (visitor log? Matomo error log file? Apache log?..)

Is there any error in the browser console?
Is there an HTTP error in the browser network console?
Do you use queue tracking plugin?

im using IIS for this, and when I check the logs its showing information but it isnt tracking anything. exp user visits, clicks, etc

in my Matomo log, there is an error i caught saying “failed to connect to” is this the reason why the tracking or nothing is being recorded?

Probably not, but if you want to remove this specific error (and disable the Matomo Marketplace and Matomo auto update), see:

IIS is being used for this, and when I examine the logs, information is displayed but nothing is being tracked. users’ visits, clicks, etc.