Javascript/React Bulk sending events tracking

Hello there,

I’m working on a react stack and I’m thinking to use events tracking but it is too slow.

Actually I’m willing to stack events until there is a bunch of them (10 by 10 or maybe even more) and bulk send them, but I don’t find any recent post about it and all old posts about it are github closed issues without resoleved status (as 4910 and or the PR 8699).

I feel like I can have miss something there, so please help me find out what :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I’m using @datapunt/matomo-tracker-react but I’m looking to get rid of it since it’s not maintained and seems a bit outdated.


Hi @Yannou_Celtk
It seems basic matomo js tracker is doing bulk requests if not disabled, and if requests are grouped in some time-frame, following the documentation:
Also low-level HTTP API allows bulk tracking: