Java HTTP API Tracker + GDPR: asking user consent

(Mathieu) #1

It has been some weeks since I first looked for processing user consent throught the HTTP API Tracker but I can’t seem to find a parameter or a method to set it as done with the JavaScript Tracker. It could be a good thing to add it if I have not missed a method to process it with the HTTP Tracker.


(Lukas Winkler) #2


Since Matomo 3.5.0 there is an API for consent. You can find the docs here:

(Mathieu) #3

Thanks for your answer, I have seen the JS tracker but it doesn’t seem suited for the use we have for one of our website.
I talked about the HTTP tracker while thinking about the Java HTTP Tracker. I was asking about a parameter to set user’s consent because there isn’t one for the java tracker (if I haven’t missed it) and I had added the Java Tracker in one of our web API to do some offline tracking