Ive got a 1000+ sites installation, please help :(


im struggling with this for weeks. Ive got my piwik installation on WiredTree 1024mb ram VPS.

there are ~1150 sites which all are very low traffic(10-20 visits each per day). I am able to see each particular site, but i really need to be able to see the All Websites tab and sort the sites by visitors count in various periods.

What ive done:

set up archiving hourly with a cronjob (takes like 5 minutes to archive)
set refreshing reports to 3600 seconds in piwik configuration
php memory limit 512mb
php script timeout 180seconds

when i click on all websites, it thinks for 10-20 seconds, and then stops and a blank page appears.


is this patch the thing i should apply?

unfortunately i dont know how to make this .diff file merge into my files. any url with explanation? thanks

sorry for bumping but im really having a hard time with this

The patch should help indeed. You should run SVN and see google on how to apply a patch file.
Otherwise the easiest way to show a dashboard is to use the API VisitsSummary.get

If you pass idSite=all it will return for all websites…

thanks ill try to learn svn and for now ill use the api.