It stopped tracking since update

My Piwik stopped tracking since the last update. My first install was done in DreamHost, using its “oneclick” feature. Then when the new version with the new layout came out there wasn’t an auto-update option, so I had to use the manual update. First I copied the config file, uploaded all the files, and sent back the config. It was installed, it works, but visits since July 30th aren’t being counted, the previous visits are showing up.

Can you view the data in the tables in the database directly.

if you can check the piwik_log_visits table, are there entries for the time after the upgrade in this table?

If that is the case then check the Blob table and see if there are entries in that table.


I’ll check the tables later on. If there’s a problem, do I have to make another update and maybe run the database update again? Would it be possible to roll back to a previous version? Say if I install the oneclick at DreamHost again (in another folder… again!) and copy the config used in the 0.8 there?

What is strange is that it’s not a case of NOT tracking at all which is addressed at the FAQs, that’s not the problem - the charts are OK until July 29th. After that it says the site had zero visitors while every other tracking including the WP track says there has been at least 10 unique visitors.

Not sure if it is open to public access, but here it is anyway: Piwik › Sign in (remove the spaces and etc. as i can’t post links…)

OK, before I went to look at the tables I found that there was this new update. Tried it (auto-update worked this time) but it didn’t fix it. There’s another post above reporting the same error as mine.

Try pasting the Piwik tracking code into your pages…

I suppose it’s been always there as it was doing the tracking as usual… unless it needs to be pasted again with the new version starting at 0.8, which was not informed to us that should be done. Not that I have seen at least.

Sorry. It looks like you’re using a Wordpress plugin that integrates with Piwik. You’ll have to contact the plugin developers because there’s no sign of the Piwik tracking code on your WP pages.