It is possible to increase maximum number of rows for singular siteID?

Is it possible to increase the maximum number of rows for a single siteID or a roll-up ?

datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_events = 5000
siteID = 1, 2...

yes, it is
by adjusting the datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_events configuration parameter, you can increase the limit beyond the default value of 5000 rows. To do this, you’d need to modify the configuration file or settings related to your specific analytics platform or data management system. This would typically involve accessing the configuration file, locating the parameter mentioned. and changing its value to the desired maximum n-r of rows

Thank you Henry,
I understand that the changes has to be made in the config.ini.php
but how to differentiate the affected sites?

Hi @jaimeapo ,

It is going to be a global change and it is not site specific.

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