It is posible to use Google Tag Manager and Matomo Tag Manager?


I would like to know if it is recommend to have double set up, I wanna configure GA4 with Google Tag Manager and Matomo cookieless with Matomo Tag Manager ?

Or it is better to have both in one ?

Thank you

Hi @CRM_Data-Analytics_M
I suggest you use only one of them.
If you use both:

  • There is twice work on your side (creation, maintenance, no code sharing possible, etc.)
  • You put events listeners twice, that gives more work to the browser also…

Thank you so much !!

I have another question regarding setting up cookieless.

I am using Google Tag Manager and I did the following set up in order to measure without the cookies. ( I have a banner as well with Onetrust)

It is correct this HTML set up in order to measure without cookies ?

Thank you

Hi @CRM_Data-Analytics_M
Referring to documentation:
I think that you don’t need the rememberCookieConsentGiven, as you did not use the requireCookieConsent command.

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