Issues with Upgrade

Hey there,

I wanted to made the new update, but there appears some issues. First I had a wrong PHP Version (Changed to 5.6), after that I get the info some tables was missing. I followed Updating from 2.16 to 3.0.0b1 fails: piwik_site_setting doesn't exist · Issue #10703 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub to try to solve the issue myself, but now there is a new issue.

Kritischer Fehler während der Aktualisierung:
SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘plugin_name’ in ‘where clause’

This seems to be in connection with:

CREATE TABLE piwik_site_setting (
plugin_name VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
setting_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
setting_value LONGTEXT NOT NULL,
user_login VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’,
INDEX(idsite, plugin_name)

Of corse I use the Prefix. Are there any ideas what I could make?

Thanks a lot!

Please add the column plugin_name VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL, manually to this table using for example phpmyadmin. This issue won’t happen again in the future but unfortunately a few users experience this

Sorry for the late answer. It seems to work, thanks for the response! =)