Issues with "How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs?"


Recently I am working with Piwik. (around 200,000 visits per month)
Piwik version: 3.2.0
MySQL version: 5.5.57
PHP version: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1

I decided to regenerate the reports for 2017-08 month and I followed the instruction in How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

1) I dropped related files,
DROP TABLE piwik_archive_blob_2017_08 ;
DROP TABLE piwik_archive_numeric_2017_08 ;
2) I added following lines in config.ini.php
always_archive_data_period = 1;
always_archive_data_day = 1;

3) I logged in and waited to see what is happening, dropped files recreated but after few hours,
piwik_archive_numeric_2017_08 has 17000 records and it is increasing gradually. (ROW COUNT for other tables is around 100,000), and
piwik_archive_blob_2017_08 is empty!
I started the following command form Putty terminal but it stopped on first site Id for long time and then the connection terminated.
./console core:archive --force-all-websites --force-all-periods=315576000 --force-date-last-n=1000 --url=xyz

Considerable points:
piwik_log_link_visit_action is around 50G with more than 700 million records!
In September we had a database crash and recovery.
Any idea how can I re-create the reports and speed up the process?

Thank you in advance for your kind attention and supports.
Absolutely new member,
Web Tester

DB crash was the reason!