Issues with Heatmap and Session recording - please help


I have 1000 Heatmap recordings but not one screenshot. I cannot edit the Matomo Tag code on website and I cannot see any website error. I could use handmade screenshots, but which screen resolution should I take? Is it right, that all recordings of all resolutions will be shown on the same screenshot? Not really, right?

My second problem I have with Session Recording. It works, but there are recordings from UK, USA an Canada only. But the most vistors do I have from Germany. What is the problem for that?

Thank You very much,

Hi @MazUp ,

Your request is received by our support team, a reply was already sent, please carry on the troubleshooting with our support team.

Hi Karthik, I did not receive any mail to the email-address I used at the ticket. Maybe there is a filter on our server. I resend the ticket with another email. Hope for Your support.

Hi @MazUp ,

A reply was sent to your request on 5th July and sent another one again to your new email