Issues with Google Ads - Matomo - ZOHO CRM Data Transfer

Hello, forum members,

We’ve recently integrated Matomo into our WordPress website for data tracking and rely on ZOHO as our CRM system. However, we’re encountering a significant challenge during the data transfer process. Specifically, we’re experiencing the loss of vital ad-related information, which makes it difficult to differentiate between leads from our ads and organic search.

We also have concerns about the accuracy of the tracking URL we’ve set up in Matomo to collect data from our advertising account. There’s a possibility that other settings may not be configured correctly.

We would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or solutions from the community to help resolve this issue.

Thank you for your expertise and support in ensuring the smooth functioning of our data transfer process.

Hi @Mi_Zhou

Can you be more precise about this issue? Can you illustrate with screenshots?