Issues Tracking Mobile w/ 3.0.2 AWS Bitnami

I have used Piwik for a few years, and many versions, and did not have an issue tracking mobile in the past. Generally iPhones and Androids and others have tracked successfully.

I’m now using Bitnami Piwik for the first time in AWS EC2, and maybe this is the reason for it not working correctly?

Note: Desktops are tracking correctly!

Update Mobile Test Differences:

Version 2.16.1 Scratch Build - works with RackSpace w/ tracked server in Rackspace [both behind Cloudflare]
Version 3.0.2 Bitnami AWS [not working] w/ tracked server in Rackspace [Cloudflare]

Update 4/28/2017: No SSL used on PIWIK side, Mobile still not working.

Not sure how to proceed here. Please advise. Thanks!

Tags: CDN CloudFront Rackspace AWS