Issue with old archives not creating correct report stats

We seem to have an issue with some of the archived data with some specific sites/dates we are tracking, but I am not sure how to fix it.

Since we have a number of sites we do have “Delete old data” turned on, and therefore the data is not present in the log_* tables, which is fine.

There does appear to be data in the archive_numeric_* table though. Specifically, I am having an issue with October 2020 for site ID 7. However in the archive_numeric_2020_10 table, I can see for example that there are stats for visits for site ID 7 for a particular day(s) with period 1. However I do also notice that the done* rows are mostly set to 4 indicating a partial archive?! Is this supposed to be like this? Given the same time period and in the same table, my site ID 6 has similar data but with done* rows set to 1.

I have attempted to invalidate using the command console core:invalidate-report-data --dates=2020-09-28,2020-11-10 --sites=7 then re-archiving but still get the same issue.

I believe this happened when mysql had issues and restarted. I do have backups from a few weeks ago when the reports were working.

So does anyone know if its possible to force the report creation in the relevant blob tables, or failing that if I did just re-import the archive_numberic_2020_10 and archive_blob_2020_10 mysql tabes, is that a safe viable option?

Thank you