Issue with Matomo Tag Manager debug mode

Hi everyone,

I can’t get the preview mode of Matomo Tag Manager to work. I have looked at this page :

Cookies are allowed, the container with the right script is implemented (live), and I don’t use pop-up blockers on my browsers. Have you any idea why ? The website is

I don’t understand what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance

Bonjour @jmante

  • Is there any error in the browser console?
  • What is the tracking bootstrap? (don’t forget to obfuscate sensitive data, like server names, etc.)
  • Did you activate the debug mode on Matomo?
  • How did you try to activate the debug mode in your browser?
  • Is there no page redirection while trying to debug?
  • Does your application change the url address (in some SPA, the application can update it and then the debug mode won’t launch)?

Hello Philippe,

Thank you very much for your answer. Indeed, there was a console error informing me that there was a space that had slipped in a place in the code snippet, preventing it from working.

It is now fixed.

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