Issue with Matomo Flutter not tracking on some iOS devices

I am using Matomo Flutter in our application to track user activity. However, I’ve come across an issue where it seems like some iOS devices aren’t being tracked correctly.

The Issue

After integrating Matomo Flutter into our app, we have noticed that there are some iOS devices that aren’t sending tracking data correctly. We have not been able to identify a specific pattern or specific devices - the issue seems to occur sporadically across different iOS devices and versions.

On these devices, the following user activities don’t seem to be properly tracked in Matomo: (Specify the activities that are not being tracked and what you expected)

Attempts at Resolution

We’ve tried various ways to resolve this tracking issue. We’ve looked into the logs on our Matomo server, and we’ve updated the Matomo Flutter SDK to the latest version. However, the problem still persists.


We haven’t been able to find any solution to this problem, and so we are turning to this community for assistance. If anyone has experienced a similar issue, or if there’s something we’ve overlooked, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.