Issue with Heatmap/session recording: Blank session recording and no screenshot taken for heatmap


We just migrated our matomo aplication to a new server and are currently having issues setting back up Heatmap and session recording.

It seems the session are being recorded / logged for the heatmap, but when we try to actually look at them, they are all blank. Most of them indicate a recorded time of 0 second. For the other where we have more time recorded (sometime up to 20 minutes), the recording are all blank.

For the heatmap, we got the message that the session are logged for the heatmap, but we cant view it since it’s waiting to get a screenshot. We changed the screenshot page a few times and went on it ourself (while validating the script was on the page) and it still didn’t take (or received ?) a screenshot.

We did / validated the following:
1) The heatmap/session recording get added to the pages.
2) The user can reach the /plugins/HeatmapSessionRecording/configs.php
3) Used the URL validator
4) Did not see any error in the developer tool in Chrome.

What troubleshooting step should we follow to help us find the root cause?


You checked the developer tool in the heatmap screen?

Can you share the response from this request?