Issue with Google Analytics import of data

Hi I tried to follow the steps here:

But in Matomo I get like the image. What should I do now? :slight_smile:

I figured out that I needed to add a user also. So now I got access.

Question: I have already started to collect data via matomo. So I assume I just set the “End date” to the date I started to collect data into Matomo? :slight_smile:

Example: I started to collect data in Matomo from November 10 2022. I set “end date” to: November 09 2022?

I will try as above. But first another question. The guides for Matomo is so not that well explained unfortunately.

I’m going to add the values for:
Schedule An Import for Google Universal Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics Property ID:
This I understand is UA-XXXXXXXX-X

Google Analytics View ID:
This I also understand. This is the ID for the view of the property (UA-XXXXXXXX-X).

Google Analytics Account ID:
What is this? Where can I find this? This should be explained but it’s not. I need your helpwith this one.

Johan Linnarsson

If anyone else reads this and have the same question, I just left “Google Analytics Account ID” empty.
It seemd to automatically select the XXXXXXXX-numbers from the UA-XXXXXXXX-X. :slight_smile:

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