Issue while importing Google Analytics to Matomo "Access blocked: has not completed the Google verification process"

I’m trying to follow the video on this page … to get my Google Analytics data imported to Matomo.

Everything worked fine in step 1 (creating Google OAuth Client Config). I could also upload the config file in Matomo. But when I then try to authorize matomo to get the data, Google blocks me with the following error message:
“Access blocked: has not completed the Google verification process”
… the same happens in the tutorial video, but the screen there looks different. In the tutorial there is an option, to confirm going ahead in the process despite the security warning of Google. I don’t have this option …

Here’s a screenshot from what I see:

What should I do now?

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Same thing is happening for me

I am experiencing this issue as well. Would be very nice if someone could give some hints on getting this up and running.