[ISSUE SOLVED] update 1.8.3 to 1.10.1 -> Page Overlay does not work


if I start the page-overlay-feature I see the Overlay-sidebar but after some loading I get the error “The Page Overlay session couldn’t be launched yet”.

  • transition- and overlay-plugins both are activated

  • I removed all javascript from page

  • I removed jquery.js from page (version 1.4.4)

  • no SSL is used

  • browser cache cleared

  • no adblock

  • I tested with FF 19, IE 8 and Chrome

  • Piwik tracker code is there

  • no redirect happens

Any idea how I can track the error?

The problem is solved.

After the update there was a “Trusted Piwik Hostname” set, that consisted only of the SUBDOMAIN.

After I set a new “Trusted Piwik Hostname”, that consisted of SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.TLD the page overlay works.

Great to hear!