Issue after website migration


I recently migrated a website to a new domain, and now Matomo is not working anymore on my new domain. I did do some troubleshooting (build-in into the plugin) and got these two orange errors:

Other functions:
You need to enable this built-in function.

Proxy header
A proxy header is set which means you maybe need to configure a proxy header in the Advanced settings to make location reporting work. If the location in your reports is detected correctly, you can ignore this warning. Learn more:

Can someone help me out? I am not so technical, so I have no idea how to solve this.

Thanks already, Jip


Matomo needs all of the listed PHP functions to work. I can’t see in your text which ones have a checkmark and which have a warning, but check your PHP config to see if they are all available.

That said your issue doesn’t have to have anything to do with those warnings. Can you check your browsers developer tools on the tracked website to see if you see any errors and if the request to matomo.php goes through?

Hello Lukas,

Thank you for the response. The text I shared is exactly what I see. There are no checkmarks or warnings. Here is an image where you can see what I see.

There is also a very long ‘system report’ in the Matomo Wordpress plugin. It starts with

		  # Matomo
  • Matomo Plugin Version: 4.1.2
  • Config exists and is writable.: Yes ("$ABSPATH/wp-content/uploads/matomo/config/config.ini.php" )
  • JS Tracker exists and is writable.: Yes ("$ABSPATH/wp-content/uploads/matomo/matomo.js" )

etc. Would that help to share?

Regarding the two suggestions you make: I have no idea how to do that (like I said, I am not too technical). I just tried some things, but I actually am just guessing. Could you help me out a bit more, maybe there is an article or video on how to do this? Thanks already for the help -Jip


Could you maybe send me a direct message with the URL to the tracked website?


It seems like data is sent correctly to Matomo so the issue is not client-side.

Can you check your visitor log if visits are showing up there (maybe it’s just the aggregation of the reports which is not working.

That said you should still update your PHP setup to allow those functions Matomo requires as otherwise some things won’t work.