ISP name missing (unknown) / oddness with other stats after upgrade

Since upgrading to the then latest version on 27th December, we’ve noticed that all visitors now show no ISP name.

On the same day, we can see that the “Visits Over Time” also dropped off to zero.

However, “Evolution of page performance metrics” under the performance option started recording data on the same day.

I’ve checked out but our PHP configuration didn’t change on this date, only the upgrade of the software (Matomo).

We have Maxmind GeoIP enabled and as far as we can see, it is pickup up location and when we do the ISP check in the GeoIP admin area, it has this set correctly.

All sites within the Matomo installation all see the loss of ISP name on the same date as well as the other stats (loss of VoT and gain of Performance data).

Would be nice to get the ISP name back if any one has any ideas and also to clarify if the VoT is a stat no longer populated due to the gain of performance data.


Can you check if the “Provider” plugin is enabled?
Since Matomo 4 it is no longer shipped with Matomo, but available on the Marketplace.

If your reports are not working even though you see visits in the visitor log, check if the archiving cronjob is running successfully.

Provider (Core) shows “Active”.

Marketplace says the same and shows: * Version: 4.0.2 * Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Cron is running normally. Have manually run that a few times and watched it go through each site and also then pickup the latest Maxmind too.

Just seen " *Page generation time metrics are now deprecated and replaced by new Page Performance reports" in the changelog, so that answers that.

ISP name data a mystery though.

@Lukas, did you have any other ideas on the provider data and how to get that back?

@XN-Matt Could you check that you have installed the Provider plugin from the Marketplace from ? If you still have an issue with this plugin activated, could you please create a bug report at:
or post a comment in

Yes, installed and active.

Have posted on github about it.