Isolated Ecommerce Events


We have a problem that we have been investigating for several days without finding an answer.
We are currently tracking ecommerce sales, but we have found several random cases where such tracking is stored in isolation.
We have several websites, each one has its main domain and the page where the user can buy his subscription ( Apparently the configuration is correct since many of our sales are correctly tracked along with the pages visited by the visitor.
We have investigated the logs of a specific visitor from both the main page and the subdomain, and after crossing them, we have seen that the visitor visits the main page and then the subdomain page (a “pk_vid” parameter is passed). We obtain the VisitorID through JS using the getVisitorId method and save it so that when the user finishes paying, we send it to Matomo through the PHP SDK.
The problem that we have seen is that in the case of the investigated user, we know that he has visited the main page, but in Matomo there are no records of the pages that he has visited (in this case the Home). The ecommerce sale event sent from the PHP SDK is simply stored. We believe that it is a tracking problem because the user reached the subdomain with a “pk_vid” parameter, so we understand that the VisitorID was already configured in the Home, but his visit to the Home was not tracked.

I would like to add that after that same visitor, he visited our Home again under the same IP, but this time with a different VisitorID, but this time his visit to the Home and his page views were tracked.

Could you shed a little light on this topic? I will be happy to send you all the information that may be useful to you to find the reason.