Is there any possible method to change curl time out when I enter the marketplace?

Dear thanks for creating the excellent tools.

And I’ve used it for 3yrs, but after I drop the db by accedient,

I have to reinstall matomo by using the old version on server, and I encouter the problem:

I can’t enter the marketplace in administrator area, the error is as below:


Either the Marketplace was really slow at the time you tried to open it or maybe there is some proxy or other software in front of your server that interferes with the request.

Can you see if you can access from the server (e.g. via curl).

I can access the url online by typing “curl

here’s the some response:

BTW, my matomo is 3.5.1version…and also can’t be updated due to the low net speed


What do you mean with that? If the zip file download times out (which might explain why the store doesn’t work), you can simply download the latest version from and update manually (

To answer your initial question:

The timeout of 60 seconds is defined here:

But I doubt that after 60 seconds a lot of data still arrives.

Thx A Lot.
After I successfully updated the matomo, I changed the Client.php file,but seems not working.
I just remove the cache by console cache:clear & php fpm restart, but still see the below response:


It seems like there are multiple places where the timeout is defined.

Do you by chance have the same error in the error log or matomo log?

There it should also mention the line of code where it occurs

Thx for your kindly response.
I finally found there’s another HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT at api/Service.php, after I changed it, everything comes back.

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