Is there an option in the Tag Manager, that returns the click text as the event name?

Dear Community,
do you know a way in click event tracking to set the click text (e.g. the innerHTML of an -tag) as a variable, just like the click URL or the Click ID?
Thank you very much!
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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your post, well, I had exactly the same concern as you some weeks ago and I did not have the chance to dig it further. Now I have a reason :). Hope I can or someone else can give you the answer soon.

ok I may have something for you. I guess you would like to use the click text preconfigured variable unless I did not understand properly your need.
Please find here a video I shot in order to explain what I understood and how I would have test this hypothesis:

Please if I understood it wrongly just answer to this post and I will make another video.

Thank you very much for this comprehensive solution.
I forgot to write one important thing, I mentioned on our mail history but not in this topic: I’m using PIWIK Pro, which somehow not Matomo at this moment. The big issue with PIWIK Pro is, that there is no predefined variable for “click text.” Can you help me with this issue again?

Anyways: Thank you for your great support!

Oh I see, well I do not have access to this TMS so I cannot really tell you if it is possible or not.
But I guess that if you can create a custom variable within it, you then need to copy and paste some JavaScript to make it works. Unfortunately I don’t know much about JavaScript :frowning: