Is there a way to track core:archive process and queue?

Working with a large amount of tracked data, and using the console to archive data - is there a way to get what sites etc. that core:archive is processing at the moment, and what is still in the queue for it to process - I am looking into to develop a plugin to display this data in the UI, if it is possible. Or maybe, there are something already that can display this data? I have not really digged into this part of the Matomo functionality yet.

Hey Mikke, that sounds like an interesting idea, you should be able to get the queued sites using matomo/SharedSiteIds.php at 3.x-dev · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub. Finding the sites that are currently being archived is a bit less clear, you’d have to look at the currently running processes, find commands for climulti:request and check the request parameters in the command. It should be do-able to build a feature like this, but the code was not designed w/ something like this in mind, so you may run into some edge cases.


@diosmosis - thanks! I will look into it.