Is there a way to track an event with multiple values?

Reading the docs, it looks like events can only have a singular numeric value. Is there any way to track multiple pieces of data in a single event? Ideally string values in addition to numeric values.

This is not my exact use case, but here’s a representative example.

I have a video game that includes turn-based combat. After an enemy encounter, I want to track the result and a list of choices the player made to arrive at that result.

I could make an event for each choice, but then I won’t get to see how the events are related to each other, and I can’t see if that choice resulted in victory or defeat.

It would be nice to look at all victory results and see what level the player was and the choices they made, and the same for defeat results.

This is probably too far removed from my actual use case to discuss alternate solutions if there isn’t a direct path to track that information, but that’s okay for now. If I need to get into more specifics later, I can.

Hi @ChronoLedger
Events have 1 numeric value, plus 3 string values (Category, Action, Label).
You can add more values by using event dimensions, up to 30!

Thank you! That’s extremely helpful. I got some custom dimensions defined and I think I’m sending them correctly, but I don’t see any custom dimension reports.

This page says they should be under “Behavior”, but I don’t see them there. Am I missing something?

Hi @ChronoLedger
They are at the end of Behavior menu. For example in the demo website:

Interesting, I don’t have anything after “Performance” in that menu. Is there a plugin I need to enable or install? I see that custom dimensions is a plugin, but it looks like it’s a core plugin and enabled by default. Maybe something else is missing.

Hhi @ChronoLedger
Did you create a custom dimension in the measurable? How did you proceed?