Is there a way to set variables like Full name, phone number, etc for user_id?

Is there a way to set variables like Full name, phone number, etc for user_id?

You can use custom variables for any additional attributes you want to associate to a user -

But custom variables are visit specific. I want the data to last across visits.

It is visit specific, but you could have it tracked only once in a visit session. It appears right under the user id in the visitor log session as if it is an attribute associated to the user.

What are you trying to achieve with these attributes? This information may help to get the appropriate suggestion.

As stated in the question, I want to save user’s data across visits instead of just for specific visit. Information like full name, email, phone number do not change across the visit.

I still don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use custom variable. I know this information doesnt change across visits, but whats wrong in capturing the same data in every visit. Why should you care about the internal data structure of piwik, as long as you get what you need.

I think, if you provide your report requirement, then it will be easier to suggest.
If I have to guess, you may be looking to get a flat list of all Userids, full name, email and, phone number who use the system. If so, I still think Custom variable is the way to go. Custom variables view gives unique values and the associated visit information. You can always discard the visit information from the report.
If you want see the visit trend for a user with a particular phone number or email address, it is still achievable with custom variables.

Well, I don’t want users to enter values like full name, phone number etc on every visit. Once they enter it, I want it to persist across multiple visits. Custom variables are visit specific. Is it possible?

Sorry, I was thinking you had a single page architecture.

Anyways, you could do this using javascript in the client side. Capture attributes in a cookie or local store or session store (html5) on the first times visit using javascript and read the cookie in subsequent visits without having to change your application.

I dont think there is a piwik solution for this…

Thanks @yarafatin.