Is there a way to determine if a page view has been successfully tracked by Matomo

I have a question and hope you can provide an answer. In our company, we maintain an internal statistics record of page views. Currently, we track this ourselves using PHP. Additionally, we use Matomo for detailed analytics. We’re currently facing an issue where our own statistics track all page views, including those from bots, crawlers, etc. To improve our statistics, we’d like to track page views only if they’ve also been tracked by Matomo. We use the JavaScript Tracking Client and send the trackPageView event. My question is: Is there a way to determine if the page view was successfully tracked by Matomo? Perhaps in the form of a response or something similar?

Hi @FlorianStoever
I think the best solution is the development of a hook (as a plugin) in Matomo itself…
Or, easier: stop tracking twice (Matomo + your second method), and just use Matomo. You can extract data from database if needed:

Seems you are trying to achieve the same result with each method, It does indeed seem you should just stick with Matomo. Matomo doesn’t send back an acknowledgement of tracking success, if it did you might still have different results between each solution as bots would be removed.