Is there a developement mode? (for the developement of websites)


I’m working on a website, and I’m wondering if there is a development mode, so that I don’t pollute the regular statistics when I test my website.

Right now, I have set up one Matomo site for production, and one for testing. But I’d prefer one site with a dev mode (that removes or separates test data), because this way I wouldn’t have to exactly mirror the first site with the second.

In case this is not 100% clear: I’m not looking for a dev mode to work on Matomo itself, or Matomo plugins.


The Matomo tracking code is just normal Javascript. So you can just adapt it so that in your development environment _paq.push(['trackPageView']); and similar functions are simply not called.

Or if you generate the HTML containing a tracking-code server-side you can just adapt your templating engine so that the _paq.push(['trackPageView']); line is not called during development.

Or if you don’t want to modify your site, you can tick a checkbox in the website settings so that Matomo only tracks the data if the URL of the site is your production URL.

Thanks, @Lukas!

I’m interested in a dev mode for developing features (on my website) that depend on Matomo (I forgot to mention that), so disabling Matomo wouldn’t work for me.

If there isn’t a dev mode like this, is there a way to clone a site within Matomo?

This way, I could config the production site, and then clone it to create the dev site.