Is there a delay on tracking newly added Drupal sites? (newbie installation question)

New Matomo user. I am trying to add Matomo to several Drupal sites. I’ve installed the module to both sites and added them to Matomo, and I configured the module with the corresponding site ID and url (I’ve also checked the JS code snippet to make sure these are right). Everything looks accurate, but when I click around on the site and then check my dashboard, nothing has been tracked. Is there a delay period before the clicks will show up? Is there another step I need to take? I thought the module was supposed to add the JS code, but do I need to paste that somewhere?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

I figured it out, but sharing in case anyone has this issue in the future: in the module configuration, each site will have its own id, but the urls for both sites will be the same–they both need to point to whichever one you used to create the Matomo account with first. So if you have a banana site and an orange site, and you started with banana, the drupal module configuration for orange will also need to have the link, not an link.