Is the use of idsite unsecure?

(j.klein) #1

Hy to all!
Sorry wrong title: i mean “problematic” not unsecure

I have installed piwik since a few month.
But now I have found the following problem with a site.
Site 1 (with idsite=1) makes only some visits (100 / month)
Site 2 (with idsite=2) makes many visits a day (over 100 / day)

Now I have used the wrong idsite in the Code for the new Site 2 and
all visists are counted to the Site 1.
I don´t need correction of the data because the stats only for me and I have
changed the idsite now.
I want to use it on all my sites also for the customers, but if some customer
takes the wrong idsite-Tag (some have many sites) then also the stats are wrong.
Is this normal?
Is some check for the used domainname planned ?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2


(diri) #3

You are shure to implement checking calling site after Piwik 1.0?

IMNSHO it is a very critical security hole -> Training camp for DoS for absolute beginners. In most worst case a DDoS might be possible.

For me the same applies to this absolute dependancy on visitor’s browser at the moment. More action on server side would increase security very much.

(vipsoft) #4

Let’s frame this in the right context. Currently, this is no less secure than GA, Y!A, MS Analytics, or many other client-based tracking systems.

(diri) #5

Oh, don’t get me wrong, please!

For me it is a security hole. No matter which application you take.

I never said named applications being secure … :->