Is Piwik still ok for Joomla?

Will somebody clear a confusion for me? I have had Piwik active and providing information about my site’s activity for sbout five years. All of a sudden Piwik has failed. I updated Matomo to the most recent version only recently and could log in to my account. Now I cannot. This on a Joomla site. Is Piwik/ Matomo still available FOC and why might it no longer work?


Of course Matomo still works :slight_smile:

The only limitation is that the most popular Joomla plugin to integrate Matomo hasn’t been updated in many years: nfrPiwik, by nfr - Joomla Extension Directory

So I’d probably recommend you to instead just add the tracking code directly to the site template/theme.

Can you give more details? What happens when you try to login? Have you tried another browser?

Hi Lukas

I have uninstalled Piwik and installed the most recent version of Matomo

All is working okay now.


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