Is piwik able to do individual email tracking?


I would like to find out some functions of piwik.

Now I have a website whereby there will be multiple subscribers subscribing to our services and will use our services to send out newsletters to multiple customers. The problem I am facing now is that I need a way to track all the emails being sent out and give all these subscribers an individual report statistics of how effective is their email newsletter being sent out. Anyway of piwik being able to fulfil this function?

Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

It’s possible to do this, but may require a bit of work. Please get in touch with Piwik consultants if you need pointers and pro help:

Hi, thanks for reply. issit able to do this functions without piwik pro ?

Hi sheinavig,

Thanks for your response. However do you have any suggestions to my problem as stated?

Piwik can provide the analytics piece, but you would have to write code to modify the links or images in each recipient’s email, extract the needed data from Piwik, and put it back together for reporting purposes. I actually added a bunch useful functionality to the PiwikTracking module while prototyping a similar system.

Honestly, however, you’d be better off using a purpose-built solution like Mandrill. If you send your outbound email through Mandrill, they’ll automatically do open and click tracking and report all that data back to you through a webhook. The cost is so low ($0.20 per 1000 emails after 12k free emails) that you’d be hard pressed to build and maintain something for less (unless you have massive scale). You also benefit from Mandrill’s expertise in reliable email delivery.